No Fear in God’s Trust

September 3, 2021
“Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you.”

Psalm 56:3

Fear of the unknown is a natural feeling we must overcome regularly.  Notice the Bible does not deny the presence of fear in the mind of a Believer.


There is a healthy fear of knowing the human mind can only perceive so much.  Our thoughts and views of life can only see so far down the road.  The human eye can only see just under 2 miles of straight site distance with perfect eyesight.  That is still well short of the approximately 3,500 miles from sea to sea in the United States.  Our minds are finite with limited wisdom and knowledge.  The Mind of God, however, is infinite.  He is the Author and Giver of all Knowledge and Wisdom.   As we fear the unknowns, and what lies ahead in our lives, we should learn to trust even more in the Lord with our whole mind, our whole heart, and give God our whole trust.  The Lord knows all, sees all, and goes before us to bring us through every trial, tribulation, and uncertainty.

Faith in Jesus Christ helps us to do away with the “what ifs” in life to give us the confidence to say, “I will trust in you.”  When we trust in Christ, we can fearlessly say, “what shall you have me do?”  Trusting in God is believing in the “Peace, be still” of God’s Word.  Only Jesus can bring us through the storms of chaos and into the Holy Hush of God’s Rest, God’s Peace, and God’s Love.  Jesus Christ is Lord over the storm and Savior from all our fears.  The Perfect Love of Christ crucifies our fears and anxieties to raise us new in strength, confidence, and courage.  With our full trust in Christ, we can boldly pass through the deepest valleys and over the highest mountains in victory.

The Love of God says, “I am with you.”

The Trust of God says, “I am for you.”

Jared Gibson


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