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August 27, 2021
“This is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace…”

2 Kings 7:9

We as Christians have been granted the Greatest News mankind can ever hear, receive, and witness.  Unfortunately, we keep our testimony of the Good News of Jesus Christ quiet to not offend the masses.  Most Christians can tell you what goes on more in the world than what goes on in their Bibles.  Time is set aside each day to read the newspaper, check social media, and/or watch the local news.  We will complain we do not have enough time to read our Bibles or pray, yet we have more than enough time for less important matters that hold no eternal value.

World news proclaims nothing but death, heartache, war, and sorrow.  We should notice, however, that there are zero obituaries in the Good News that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Resurrection and life more abundantly are the News Breaks in the Holy Scriptures. The Gospel is a True Report.  The Word of God brings good tidings of peace, salvation, deliverance, healing, and restoration in its headlines.  Our conversations about the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the dinner table, or out in public, should be as natural as talking about a ball game, or what we read in the daily news.  If news and sports networks can proclaim stories and highlights 24/7, then it is up to us as Followers of Christ to proclaim the Message of Salvation and Deliverance “25/8.”  The Gospel is the best news of life, liberty, and promise greater than anything we will hear on television or find on social media.

The Good News of Christ must be proclaimed to revive the dead heart and bring the prodigals back home.  As Born-again Saints, with hearts on fire for God, we should want to proclaim Jesus Christ upon the housetops and proclaim all that He has done for us.  After all, it is people that live in the world and populate this earth.  It just takes feeding one hungry heart at a time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change the world news of despair and depression into The Good News of eternal hope and cheerfulness.

Only the Good News of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is the answer to the hate, war, political strife, racial division, and murder that plagues the world and our nation.  Our proclamation of Jesus can bring healing and peace during a time of brokenness and division.  We should proclaim the Good News of the Gospel louder and prouder than any news broadcast or written article.  Let us cleanse our minds, conversations, and spirits from the emptiness of worldly news that is temporal, ever changing, and will pass away to the Word of God that will endure forever!

Jared Gibson


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