Life in Stride

March 11, 2022
“In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.”

Ecclesiastes 11:6

As Christians, when life seems to be uncertain, or if we cannot foresee the outcomes of certain events, we just simply need to trust God, rely on God, and rest in the Hope of God.  It is very easy for us to show up on Sunday and throw our hands up in Praise and Worship to let God know we fully trust and worship Him, but what about Monday through Saturday?  What about when we are outside the confines of our little box known as our comfort zone?  What if our plans do not come together how we want them to?  What if somebody treats us wrong or does not hold up their end of the bargain?  What if we have a bad day and feel like we did not honor God as we should have?  Do we throw our hands up in surrender as to say I give up?  No!!  We throw our hands up in Praise, Worship, and Adoration to say my Trust, Hope, and Strength is in the Lord and His Will for my life no matter what.  The only surrender we are to have in this life is our surrender to the Spirit of God and His Salvation Plan.

If we knew the outcomes of every circumstance and condition, would we ever be courageous in our faith?  If we trusted in our own instincts and wisdom, would we ever learn to fully trust God?  It is our duty as Christians to pray to God daily, not only for His Will in our daily walk, but to seek a strategy for walking in His Will.  God is not a random “let’s see what happens” kind of God, but a God of order, structure, and discipline.  God is not a Burger King drive-thru attendant where we “have it our way,” but He wants us to have it His Way; The Way of the Cross.  Never once did Jesus Christ say the Cross would not get heavy and that life would get easy and predictable from this point forward.  What Christ did tell us was that the yoke and burden of the Cross is light and easy compared to the weight of the world.  The weight of the world weighs us down.  Jesus Christ, however, strides with us and helps us carry the uplifting load of the Cross with all its glorious benefits.  Our victory in life is the Cross of Christ!

Life is never easy and far from perfect.  We need to stop waiting for conditions to be absolutely perfect for us to walk and pursue the Will of God.  We need to stop letting hindrances, failures, and doubts keep us from pressing forward into what God has called us to be.  Imagine if Michael Jordan quit basketball completely because he missed a game winning shot, or if Babe Ruth quit baseball because of one strikeout.  They would have missed out on greatness.  We must not allow hardships or failures to keep us from pursuing the Greatness of God.  As we strive through our daily lives, let us remember to totally trust God, fully rely on His Promises, take up the Cross daily, and follow Jesus.  God does not define us by our failures or successes, but by our faithfulness, trust, and obedience to Him, His Word, and His Son.

Take the successes and failures of life in stride.  The Lord will stride with us through every success and failure reminding us daily of His Love for us and His Fellowship with us.  Let us lose ourselves in Christ and pursue life with Christ through the Cross to courageously trust and fearlessly believe in Him regardless of the outcome.  Life may be unpredictable, but what is predictable is that Jesus Christ will be there with us through it all!!

Jared Gibson


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