Launching Into the Deep

April 16, 2021
“Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.”

Luke 5:4

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks to our hearts to let down our nets, trust in His Word, and have faith that He is in total control of our lives.  He sees and understands that we toil morning and night spinning our wheels only to come up empty as we rely on our own wisdom, strength, and ability.  The Lord speaks to “Go” but how often are we reluctant to obey the commands of Jesus and put His Word and our faith into action?

It is natural for us as human beings to be fearful in launching into the deep unknown.  We tend to only look and see in the natural and overlook what the Lord is doing in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.  The shallow waters are our comfort zone.  It is all we know.  We can see and touch the bottom without fear and doubt.  Jesus, on the other hand, calls us to trust in His Word, go further and deeper to let down our nets for a mighty catch of blessings, prosperity, and joy that will overflow the ship that is our life.

It takes faith to launch out into the deep waters of the unknown, but we must believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has already gone before to set the path and prepared the place He has commanded us to go.  Put faith in Christ into action, trust in His Word, and be obedient to His call to forsake the empty shallow waters and follow Him out into the deep waters of His overflowing abundance.

The question is….

Are we ready to receive the net breaking, ship sinking, abundant blessings the Lord has waiting for us out there in the deep?

The fullness of Jesus Christ awaits.

Jared Gibson


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