Idle Idols

June 11, 2021
“Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.”

1 John 5:21

Idolatry today does not always refer to the worship of false, heathen gods. Idols today are anything that take our focus away from Jesus Christ. Idols are idle images, or activities, that we believe give us as much satisfaction and pleasure as a move of God.  Truth be told, there is no image equal to the Lord our God. The only image God will accept is the Image of Jesus Christ and our lives reflecting His Glory. There is no unspeakable joy equal to when Jesus enters the room and truly changes lives. Idols can only sit idly by while the Power of God moves to bring lost souls into His Eternal Salvation.

Idols are also anything we setup and regard as valuable alongside God. We build them, nurture them, carry them, and typically try to find entertainment in them. Idols are the work of man’s hand that give us a false sense of release from the pressures of this world. The reality is, they are the very thing holding us captive. Idols weigh us down from being who God wants us to be. Idols get us into trouble, while it is God, and God alone, that gets us out of the troubles our idols cause us.

Why would we worship something inferior, to God Who is the Creator of all things? Why would we bind ourselves to the temporary and not cling to the Everlasting God? Why would we serve an idol we must carry when there is God Who is willing to carry us? Our arms grow tired of carrying idols everywhere we go. God’s Arms, however, never grow weary as He carries us through life. Idols come and go while God’s Care lasts from infancy to old age into Eternity.

Let idols remain idle in our lives. There is nothing lasting in them. Allow God to move day and night upon us. Only God can lead us in Righteousness, Holiness, and into a life more abundant and everlasting. Let nothing weigh us down from drawing closer and achieving all that God has in store for our lives.

Jared Gibson


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