For A Moment

November 13, 2020
“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere…”

Psalm 84:10 (NIV)

Imagine, at this moment in time, you could have a face to face encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.  How many mountains would you be willing to overcome?  How many valleys would you be willing to dig yourself out of for that moment in His Presence?  What would you have Him do for you?

Jesus is always ready and willing to come to us at any given moment.  At times, however, The Lord wishes to draw us deeper into His Presence.

Striving daily for the Presence of Jesus Christ is worth a thousand mountains climbed and a thousand more valleys conquered.  Coming into the Presence of Christ, makes overcoming every obstacle through the path of life more than worth it.  If we can come closer to Him, and reach just a bit further, we believe a mere brush of His Heavenly Garment is enough to transform our darkest nightmares into a joy unspeakable that is above and beyond our wildest dreams.  His Presence wipes away all the hardships and disappointments we encountered along the way and turns them into blessings.

The soul cleansing, heartwarming words of Jesus Christ, “be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole,” are enough to immerse our souls with His Saving Grace.  When the Lord says, “Go in peace,” He sends us away with our hearts filled with His Glory.

Even if we only have but a moment in the Presence of the Lord, better is one day, one minute, or even one second in His midst than it is to be without Him.  Our worst day with Him is better than our best day without Him.  Therefore, we must yearn for His Presence every moment of every day.

Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  As a Child of God, we never have to wonder where the Presence of the Lord is.  The Holy Spirit lives and breathes the Presence of Jesus daily into our hearts.  It is the Spirit of God within us that provides us with the strength and power we need to overcome every obstacle in life.  We never have to walk without Him.  Jesus is ever present with us through every moment.  He will never withdraw His Presence from us.  This is a promise He will forever keep.

The Presence of Jesus Christ in our lives is our joy in the morning sunrise and the peacefulness that keeps our souls at rest through the night.  The thought of experiencing more of His Presence breeds anticipation into our hearts.  This gives us a desire to wake up in the morning and overcome the day with our bodies refreshed and our sprits renewed.  Each day the Lord provides us with a fresh set of blessings, preparing us for a new day with Him and to live for Him.

Jared Gibson


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