Follow, Serve, and Receive

October 22, 2021
“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour."

John 12:26

This passage of scripture provides us with a great truth that should be an encouragement to us.  The Lord provides us with the means by which we are to carry out the work of the Lord to receive the reward that is awaiting His good and faithful servants.  It is a simple formula to follow.  Unfortunately, we always make things way too complicated.  Follow, serve, and receive is all the Lord requires.  Jesus Christ has already done the work for us.  We just simply must put our faith into action and do what the Lord tells us to do.

Following and serving the Lord Jesus Christ means taking a different route and a greater path.  The route of the world is a circular path that goes round and around as if on a hamster wheel that leads us nowhere.  Lots of movement but accomplishing nothing.  The path of Jesus Christ is that of a straight, narrow way that leads upward to the place of Honor in Heaven.  God does not lead us into a path of darkness and loneliness, but into a marvelous light of joy and fellowship with Christ that surpasses all understanding.

Along the way we do not have to look far to find the Lord Jesus Christ in our daily walk.  He walks right alongside us all the day long.  For wherever we are, wherever we go, and whatever we do Jesus Christ is always alongside us.  He lives to speak His Perfect Word into our hearts to guide us day by day into His Will to carry out the Will of God in our lives.

Serving the Lord Jesus Christ is simply putting our faith into action.  Our faith is put into action whenever we are obedient to what the Holy Spirit speaks into our hearts and trust the Lord has provided the necessary means to bring forth that which He desires.  It is not about how many moves we make, but making the right moves as ordered by the Lord through us.  We live to serve Him this day in preparation for a greater day to come when we will be clothed with honor from the Heavenly Father.  If we serve Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth, He will be there among us wherever we may be.  When we serve Jesus Christ and have faith in the Beloved Son of God, then the Heavenly Father honors our servitude with an honor that is far greater than any honor we could receive from our fellow man.

As our lives are crucified with Christ we are also exalted into the Heavens with Him.  The honor we receive from God is nothing we can ever achieve on our own or can be found in this world.  It is only by our lives being crucified with Christ, in this current flesh, are we then exalted with Him in the Heavens above when our work on Earth is finished.   When we are exalted with Him, we receive the highest of honors only the Lord our God can truly give us.  As we are in Christ, we are seated with Christ in His Throne.  When we trust, obey, and follow through with the call of Christ in our lives, then we will be crowned with a Crown of Glory.   The Lord will robe us with the finest of garments and seat us at the place of honor if we are willing and ready to follow Jesus Christ and serve Him with our whole heart.

Jared Gibson


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