At All Times

November 6, 2020
“Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.”

Psalm 62:8

The Word of God provides us with four helpful commands in Psalm 62:8 that should help us navigate through the daily stresses of life.

Trust in God

We hear it all the time to trust in God, but we can never hear it enough.  Faith breathes trust, trust welcomes dependence, and dependence teaches faithfulness.  Through all things good and bad, known and unknown, Heaven and Hell, the Lord wants our trust at all times.

Pour out your heart before Him

Prayer is not only a time of worship and adoration, but it is also taking time out of our busy, stressful day to spend time with God.  It is amazing to think we can get too busy for God, but God is never too busy for us.  We can say we are too stressed to pray, but really, we are stressed because we do not pray.  Pouring our heart out to God is simply getting on our hands and knees in the secret place of prayer and handing over everything in our lives to Him.  Only the Lord truly knows how to handle every need in every situation.  We will save ourselves a lot of problems if we will take our needs directly to the Lord first and let Him download His Will into our hearts.  At all times, we need to tell Him how much we love Him, but also how much we need Him.


Often overlooked in the Bible is the word “Selah.”  This word occurs 71 times in the Book of Psalms and another 3 appearances in the Book of Habakkuk.  The word “Selah” tells us to pause, reflect, and receive what the Lord is speaking to us in His Word.  We do not read our Bible because it is a good read, an interesting book, or a historical record.  It is God speaking directly to us through His Word.  It certainly matters how much you read and how often you read the Bible, but what is of most importance, is soaking in The Word when you read.    

Take refuge in God

God is a shelter and a refuge for His Children.  Follow the command of “Selah,” to reflect on the safe place of God.  Absorb His Presence and Protection over your life.  The Lord is The One who is unfathomable, unshakeable, and unsearchable.  God is everything we are not. He defies all human logic.  Why would we take shelter, safety, and hope in anything else?  God is greater than all our stresses, anxieties, and circumstances.  At all times, He is our safe place.                

Regardless of what life throws at you, remember to remain in the comfort and confines of your refuge in Jesus Christ.  Trust in God and be willing to pour your heart out to Him always.  Take time to reflect and consider the great mysteries and immense Wonders of God found in His Word.  Absorb His Word and praise Him for His Holiness and Grace.  Then you will find peace in your crazy, non-stop stressful day.  The world moves at a fast pace.  As a Child of God, take rest in your Salvation and find shelter in the Arms of God.  He is your protection, refuge, and peace at all times in the whirlwind of everyday life.    

“Here in the Presence” by Elevation Worship

Pour out your heart before Him
Open your arms, He'll hold you now
Here in the presence of the Lord

Jared Gibson


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