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Lead Pastor


Chris and Leah Sustar are the founding pastors of High Praises Church.  Both are graduates of East Coast Bible College, and Chris has a M.A. in Leadership from Luther Rice University. They have two boys, Jaren and Evan, and one dog, Bodi (who thinks he is the 3rd son). In addition to their two sons, they have three grandchildren, all boys (Bo, Barrett, and Brooks), from Jaren and Mary-Beth. Chris has been in full-time ministry for more than 30 years.  Before planting High Praises, he founded PraiseFest, a weekend winter youth retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC (now called Shabbach).  He has built a team of leaders that includes full-time pastors, elders, deacons, department leaders, and home group leaders.  He continually focuses on preaching and teaching the Word of God, casting the God-given vision for High Praises, and training church leaders.

"God has given me a vision of a Pentecostal church in Anderson, SC that reaches thousands for Christ locally and around the world.  I am committed to driving home continually a truth that so many in America have missed: Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.  As we lead people in discovering God’s salvation and a genuine and balanced experience of Spirit-filled living, we are raising up laborers and leaders that will impact their homes, businesses, and communities for Jesus! "

Some interesting facts about Pastor Chris:

1. Die-hard fan of the Clemson Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers

2. Loves to fish and hunt